If you participate we will hydrate you! 


A sporting event is run because someone has a passion for being active and they want to encourage others to do so to.


“Hartz is happy to help people with a passion for healthy lifestyles”.


Tasmania is a beautiful place and has an amazing natural environment in which to get out and explore.  Our children are encouraged to adopt healthy eating and drinking choices and the community is trying really hard to provide attractive alternatives to unhealthy fast food.

Hartz is happy to help people with a passion for healthy lifestyles.


School triathlons. Over 5000 primary and senior school kids get out every november to swim, cycle and run for their school. Each one gets a free bottle of Hartz water after finishing.

Multi-sport events. Set in the beautiful Freycinet National Park on Tasmania’s east coast participants get to cycle, run, kayak and mountain bike over a 100km course for 2 days.  Hartz has been a major sponsor of this event.

Point to Pinnacle – half marathon.  Hobart’s premier long distance run encourages thousands of amateur (and not so amateur) runners and walkers to tackle the toughest half marathon in the world.